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in which i give up on a witty heading
Splotches and Splatters

Photo #1 - genuine creepy 1980’s furniture in a pale seagreen. 

Photo #2 - my very own Stetson (well, cowboy hat anyway. Not a real Stetson.) 

Photo #3 - my bowtie which does not stay on very well with a mandarin collar vest. XD

Photo #4 - My foot. Complete with handknitted sock (Knit Picks Felici in “Time Traveler” for all you Whovian knitters) in Fourth Doctor scarf colors. 

Photo #5 - I whipped up a TARDIS. Materials used: one cardboard box, three sheets of blue paper, a sharpie and some tape, one flickering tealight, one Best Buy blue plastic sack, and one little rubbermaid container stolen from my brother’s magneto toys. All under the Christmas tree - what a perfect place to find a TARDIS. See also: 

BONUS! Photo #6! - a clear shot of the TARDIS and my new Eleven cell phone charm dangling off my TARDIS blue phone.